How to Create Self-Scoring Assessments

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Problem: A retail chain is struggling to support their new hires during their training process. Store managers train new employees on operating procedures and performance expectations, but not all new hires are completing their job functions correctly after the initial training period. Since store managers have limited time, the company is looking for a way to identify skill and knowledge gaps in new hires to support their ongoing training.

Solution: An e-learning course was created to teach operations managers how to develop self-scoring assessments (quizzes) that they can provide to their store managers. Their store managers can then send these quizzes to their employees as they navigate through the training process to reinforce their learning and identify skill and knowledge gaps. The self-scoring aspect will allow the company to save time and money, making reviewing results quick and easy. The quizzes can be administered endlessly once built and are easy to update as training procedures may change.

Results: We will know the solution was effective if performance of new hires within their first 90 days of employment improves over time.

A Beginner's Guide to Propagating Houseplants

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Analyzing Genetic Pedigrees

Created with Google Forms

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Problem: This learning experience was created for secondary science learners in a distance learning setting. The objective was for learners to be able to create and analyze genetic pedigree charts to determine inheritance patterns of traits in a family. Prior knowledge included content-specific vocabulary, as well as how to utilize online resources to learn about genes (ex. using GeneCards.org to look up gene loci). 

Solution: This Google Form learning experience served to teach a skill to meet the instructional objective, allow for guided practice, and assess understanding in an online format.

Results: When surveyed, the learners reported a positive experience with this learning activity. They demonstrated proficiency of the learning objective when given a written assessment, which included practical application questions as well as multiple-choice questions.